Ormus #1 McKay Variant Set of 3


This is the Ormus #1 McKay Set previously available only on Kickstarter.
Each set includes one Trade Dressed Regular, one Virgin Regular and one Risque Virgin Cover.
Cover pencils by McKay, colors by Nivangune.

When ordering, please specify Signed or Unsigned.
If not specifically requested, they will ship unsigned.

Book info.
Ormus is the passion project of creator Sun Khamunaki, who has been obsessing over these characters and this world for years - and we've finally cracked open Sun's head and poured the story out onto the page! (Don't worry, Sun survived the ordeal.) And now here we are, ready to share Sun's story with you!

Assisting with the writing duties is Garth Matthams, creator of Witch Creek Road, who's been friends with Sun since they almost slammed their heads together during a selfie years ago. Yes, there's a lot of discussion of head trauma in these opening paragraphs. But rest assured, they're both okay, and they're both quite passionate about getting this comic into your hands.